AFM Leadership Legacy Program: Call for Applications!


We have been talking about the development of the next generation of leaders for many years, by God’s Grace, this intention was put into action in 2023. The AFM Legacy Leadership development program aims to develop a generation of God-fearing, Christ-like, Holy Spirit-filled leaders who will live, lead and leave a legacy for the church, the Kingdom of God and society at large.

All AFM members between the ages of 25-35 may apply. The course is free of charge to successful applicants. A self-explanatory brochure for The AFM Legacy Leadership Program is available here:

20240701 AFM LLP Brochure

Please share the brochure with all the assemblies and Pastors in your constituency, as well as to potential candidates in your assembly and encourage them to apply. The due date for applications as indicated in the brochure, is Tuesday 30 July 2024.

AFM Welfare Vacancy: Pretoria (Gauteng)

// Vacancy: Centre Manager 🔴

AFM Welfare has a vacancy available for a Centre Manager at Victory Kidz Moot. Kindly follow the link to download the requirements for this position as well as instructions on how to apply:

AFM WELFARE_Advertisement_31 May 2024_Victory Kidz

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

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AFM Missional Actions

AFM Members: Be Missional

“Missional” means living and sharing the message of Jesus every day, not just inside our church walls, but everywhere we go. It is about knowing Jesus more and then reflecting Him in everything we do, like our early church members did. Even though they did not use the word “missional”, they lived it practically. Our mission comes straight from Jesus. He mandated us to spread His message of Forgiveness and Grace everywhere.

The AFM was placed in South Africa for a reason, let us fulfil our redemptive and prophetic purpose with enthusiasm and diligence.

Learn more about being missional by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip:

One-page Summary:

Being a Missional Church – Member Activation

AFM Members: Share what God has Done for You 

Sometimes it is hard to put into words just how much God has done for us. There are so many things He’s done, big and small, that it is almost overwhelming – whether it is something big like a miraculous healing or something small like providing for a particular need when we did not know how we would make it through. God has done so much for us, and it is worth talking about. It is the strongest form of testimony about the reality of God’s presence in our lives. People may differ about religious believes and writings, but they cannot really argue against your personal experience.

Do not keep it to yourself. Let us spread the word and give glory to our amazing God who continuous to do so much for us.

Join Pastor Barend Petersen (Deputy President of the AFM of SA) to learn more about “Sharing what God has Done for You” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip:

One-page Summary:

Share what God has Done for You – Missional Action

AFM Member: GO and make Disciples of Nations

Discipleship boils down to this: Follow Jesus and help others follow Him too. It is a two-step process: First, you embrace Jesus and His teachings; then you show others how to do the same. Being a disciple means soaking up the wisdom and love of Jesus, and then letting it shine through you (Galatians 4:19). It is about becoming more like Him every day, letting His Spirit guide your actions.

Join Pastor Rudi Coertzen to learn more about “GO and make Disciples of Nations” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip: 


One-page Summary: 

Go and make Disciples of Nations – Missional Action

AFM Member: Be Equipped for Ministry

All AFM church members must be empowered for their ministry as followers of Jesus. The main goal is to grow as a true follower of Jesus who can carry out God’s mission. It is not true that only pastors are “called” and everyone else is just attending. Like every member of the AFM, you are called by God to be a full-time part of the body of Christ, sharing the message of Jesus through your life and work.

That is why it is important that you attend training events at your local assembly. Be actively involved in the Sunday services, ministries, and other activities of your church.

Join Pastor Selby Khumalo (General Secretary of the AFM of SA) to learn more about “Be Equipped for Ministry” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip: 

One-page Summary: 

 Be equipped for Ministry – Missional Action

AFM Member: Live with Godly Integrity and Character

Living with Godly integrity and character means being responsible with the resources and abilities God has given to each of us as followers of Jesus to fulfil the Great Commission. It is about more than just talking the talk about how things should be done; it is about living practically in a God honouring way and doing what is right.

Good Governance starts with our personal lives: How we manage our personal resources, our finances, and our abilities. How we look after our own possessions and everything that God has given us.

Join Pastor Rudi Coertzen  (General Treasurer of the AFM of SA) to learn more about “Living with Godly Integrity and Character” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip:

One-page Summary: 

Live with Godly Integrity & Character – Missional Action

AFM Member: Take Hands with other Christians

This is about acknowledging that we are part of the larger church community and focusing on the Kingdom. We believe in being respectful and maintaining good relationships with other churches. After all, we are not the only church out there; we are a part of God’s bigger Church on earth. Jesus himself prayed for unity among believers in John 17:20-21.

We encourage our pastors and members not to be exclusive, but to have a Kingdom-minded attitude. That means putting the growth of the Kingdom of God first and building relationships with other Life-giving churches. We cannot truly be a mission-focused church if we ignore the wider body of Christ.

Join Pastor Barend Petersen (Deputy President of the AFM of SA) to learn more about “Taking Hands with Other Christians” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip:

One-page Summary:

Take Hands with other Christians – Missional Action

AFM Member: Care for Your Community

Our main motivation for being involved in our communities is not just about being nice or doing charity work. It is about showing the love of God to everyone. Our mission to reach out to our communities is a big part of our missional action, and it is not just about preaching. It’s also about being relevant to the real-life issues people face.

Although we do not want to create a culture of dependence, we must step up and lend a hand. That might mean helping people learn new skills or find jobs, so they can take care of themselves. Some of our local churches are doing amazing things in this area, with some inspiring success stories to tell. It is all about making a real difference in people’s lives right where we are.

Join Pastor Selby Khumalo (General Secretary of the AFM of SA) to learn more about “Care for Your Community” by referring to an explanatory:

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One-page Summary: 

Care for Your Community – Missional Action

AFM Values

Having clear values is like having a compass in a dense forest; they guide our decisions and actions and serve as a blueprint for how we want to live. When we align our actions with our values, we cultivate authenticity and build trust with others. Ultimately, having clear values is not just about knowing what we stand for; it’s about living a life that practically reflects those beliefs.

The AFM has four key values: Integrity, Relationships, Accountability and Excellence.

Join Dr Henri Weideman (President of the AFM of SA) to learn more about the “AFM Values” by referring to an explanatory:

Video Clip: 

One-page Summary:

Values – Missional Action

Fan into Flame: Download Presentations

The National Office Bearers received various requests to make the presentation materials of the 2024 NOB Empowerment Visits available. Videos and presentations are now available for download:

Video Presentations: 

PowerPoint Presentations:

Stir up (the gift of) Sound Teaching – Pastor Selby Khumalo

Stir up the testimony about our Lord Jesus Christ – Pastor Rudi Coertzen

Stir up the Spiritual Gifts – Pastor Barend Petersen

Stir up the gift of Unity – Dr Henri Weideman 

For any enquiries about these resources, kindly contact:
AFM Communication:

We would also like to present all delegates who attended any of the NOB Empowerment sessions with the opportunity to share feedback and suggestions. This input is considered when the National Office Bearers plan their 2025 Empowerment Visits. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your insights and recommendations with us. Thank you for assisting us in sharing this survey link with all delegates (Pastors, Governing Body Members, Department Representatives, Members and the Youth) who attended any of the NOB Empowerment sessions of 2024:

AFM Welfare: Caring for the Needy (April 2024)

// Look what arrived today!

Our Quarterly Newsletter from our new Director, Pastor Bongiwe Naile, is ready and packed with wonderful news, updates and information. Download your copy from the link below:

AFM Welfare Newsletter 2024 Quarter 1

Did you know that AFM Welfare has an online donation option? We are so excited about this added feature to our fundraising efforts. Consider making a R250 contribution to our 2023 Matriculants and their future journeys by using the link below:

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AFM Elections: Nomination Forms

Kindly download the 2024 Nomination Forms:

Annexure A – For NOB 2024 Election

Annexure B – For NOB 2024 Election

The deadline for returning the nomination forms (Annexures A & B) is 25 March 2024 at 16h00.

The forms can be submitted via e-mail to If you prefer to submit the forms in person, this can be done from Monday to Friday at Building nr 14, Central Office Park, 257 Jean Avenue Street, Centurion, Gauteng, 0046, RSA. For in-person submissions, forms should be sealed in an envelope addressed to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Pastor Frank Chikane, at the AFM National Office in Centurion. The forms can also be sent by registered mail.

Please note that it is important to refrain from sending nomination forms to Pastor Frank Chikane’s private or residential addresses. Thank you for your cooperation. For further support or enquiries, send an e-mail to the office of the General Secretary at

Warm Regards
Pastor Selby Khumalo
(General Secretary)