The AFM’s Position towards the current conflict in the Middle East

In May 2021 the Washing Post published an article entitled, “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A chronology” and the authors Murphy and Taylor (2021) writes that “the roots of the conflict and mistrust are deep and complex, often predating the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.” They describe the past 70 years as a time of wars, uprisings and at times a glimmer of hope for compromise. Starting with an AFM response cannot be done without a proper investigation into the chronology of events that has led to the current conflict but time and space does not allow one to produce an exhaustive account and satisfy all viewpoints. However, a Christian response is wanted and more a specific Pentecostal response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to Christianity’s origins as one of the three major Abrahamic religions.

Accepted: March 2023

AFM Position on the Conflict in the Middle East

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