Newsflash: Thursday, 15 June 2023

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Dear Colleague,

1. YOUTH DAY 2023

In 1995, the South African government declared June 16 to be celebrated as Youth Day. The purpose of this day is to serve as a reminder of the progress our country has made regarding equality and equal opportunity for all our youth. The historic origin of the day is to also honour the young people who lost their lives during the Soweto Uprising, when thousands of black school children demonstrated on 16 June 1976, to protest the forced introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools.

The South African Government declared that in 2023 National Youth Day and Youth Month will be celebrated under the theme: “Accelerating youth economic emancipation for a sustainable future.”

Our national calendar is filled with several commemorative days. We have days to celebrate the mothers, the fathers, the youth and the senior citizens in our society. We have days to focus on the protection of the rights of children and to work towards the eradication of gender-based violence.  Sometimes it seems that these days have little more than symbolic or political value and that in some instances they are becoming profit-making ventures.

On Youth Day 2023, during this youth month and for the duration of our lives, let us not just talk and give lip service to the importance of the young people in our society and assemblies, but let us have an attitude and mindset that really cares about them and endeavour to nurture and mentor all our young people. Let us guide them well and pray for them so that they will fulfil their God-given potential and be productive individuals who live with moral strength, integrity, resilience and an unashamed testimony as Holy Spirit-filled believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

“May our sons flourish (be successful and productive) in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars (strong and providing structure), carved to beautify a palace.” – Psalm 144:12 (NLT; The comments added between brackets, are my own.)

I have requested the AFM of SA National Youth Department to share a final message about the upcoming Youth Conference taking place from 23-25 June 2023:


Kindly expect more information on Monday, 3 July on the upcoming AFM of SA National Conference. For now, kindly take note of the following information:

Dates: 7-9 September 2023

Venue: Lighthouse Christian Centre (Cape Town)

Theme: Ablaze

FREE Admission – No registration required.

Friendly Regards

Henri Weideman

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