Newsflash: Friday, 9 October 2020

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AFM 9 OCT ENG Newsletter


1. Circular, 22 September 2020  (Pastor’s Appreciation – Point Nr.3) 

2. AFM Welfare R1-Campaign 

3. AFM Alert Level 1 Lockdown Regulations 

4. AFM Alert Level 1 Funeral Guidelines 

AFM Fellow-Colleague,


The General Secretary, Dr. Henri Weideman has issued an AFM Circular, dated 22 September 2020 to our Pastors, Local Assembly Secretaries, Regional Secretaries/Administrators and Secretaries of the Departments – on the appreciation of our Pastors, spouses and children.

I am writing on behalf of the broader AFM to you all, to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your ministry in the AFM of SA and beyond. We have just weathered the wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We have been through stringent national lockdown rules. The way we do ministry was disrupted and our church finances took a knock. Through it all you kept your ministry posts firmly and faithfully. We are not out of the woods yet. Coronavirus is still with us. I am requesting that we also remember and stand in solidarity with the widows, the widowers and the dependents of our colleagues who succumbed to the pandemic. This would mitigate the pain of their loss.

Allow me to also thank you for your prayer and moral support you have demonstrated to me, my spouse and, also the National Office Bearers – including the entire National Office staff. My prayer is that God, who has called you, will continue to sustain and strengthen you. May you enjoy good health and may all go well with you and your family – even as your soul is getting along well (3 John 2).


Kindly note that an additional date to the AFM Calendar was added:

Female Pastor’s Forum on  2nd May 2021

To download the updated AFM Calendar, kindly click below:


Kindly take note of a vacancy for a Registered Nurse at the Touwsrivier AGS Ouetehuis.

Vacancy: Registered Nurse


* Proof of 2020 Registration with South African Nursing Council.

* Management & Geriatric experience.

* Must be willing to relocate to Touwsriver.

* Must be able to speak Afrikaans.

Send CV to:

Closing Date: 16 October 2020


MG Mahlobo

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