Newsflash: Friday, 5 November 2022

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AFM Newsflash Friday, 5 NOV 2021



1. AFM of SA: National Calendar 2022 

2. Circular: GBM 2020 & Supporting Annexures 

3. Pastoral Letter: 3rd Quarter

4. NOB Empowerment Visits 2021: PowerPoint Presentations

5. NOB Empowerment Visits 2021: Training Videos

Dear Colleague,


In the past few weeks, I have noticed a new trend on social media platforms relating to the upcoming GBM (General Business Meeting) elections. On these platforms, names and photos of Pastors are flighted alongside the positions they should be elected for. I am not sure whether people whose names and photos are displayed on these platforms have given their permission in this regard. I am sure that it makes these individuals feel uncomfortable.

Local AFM Assemblies and Regional Committees were afforded the opportunity to nominate individuals for inclusion in the nomination pool. The names of the nominees who made it into the nomination pool were sent to the relevant structures of the church by the General Secretary (Dr H.J. Weideman). Nominations from the floor will be allowed at the GBM. We must allow the GBM delegates to nominate and elect the new National Office Bearers (NOB) of the church. I would like to call upon those who are posting names of possible new NOB members to desist from this practice. This unsolicited campaigning does not reflect well on the image of the AFM of SA.

Request for PRAYER

Let me take this opportunity to request our Pastors and members to pray for the success of the upcoming elections on 16-17 November 2021. Let us also pray that God would guide the electorate to elect leaders of integrity and leaders who will be able to take the church to another level of its witness in South Africa.

2. PCD (Pastors’ Continuous Development): UPDATE

We have received some queries regarding PCD points for the upcoming GBM on the 16th and 17th of November 2021. As the GBM is only a meeting and an election this year, excluding training in the form of PCD Workshops, no PCD points will be awarded.

To stay up to date with the PCD process, follow:


When things are tough and difficult in my own household, does God still expect me to reach out to others in need? We believe that through God’s grace we should continue to generously give and reach out to others in need – even in challenging times.

This is the proposed theme for the 2021 AFM Welfare Weekend (26-28 November 2021) as celebrated by the Members and Assemblies in The AFM of SA. This year there is a special focus on how the church can make a difference in the lives of older persons in their community. We are excited to see what AFM Members and Assemblies are planning.

For practical guidelines on how to make the most of your AFM Welfare Weekend, remember to consult the Pastoral Letter of the 3rd Quarter:

MG Mahlobo

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