Newsflash: Friday, 5 May 2023

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NOB Empowerment Visits 2023: Dates & Venues – You are Invited!

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Dear Colleague,


May-month on the church calendar is filled with important and significant dates. I would like to share a short overview of each one. I also invite you to stay alert and visit our social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Channel) regularly as we will be sharing various video messages this month. We are looking forward to a blessed and powerful month in the church!

Ascension Day: 18 May 2023

When Jesus was taken up into heaven, the disciples looked intently up into the sky as He was going:

I imagine that they were surprised and confused by what was happening. The angels who suddenly stood beside them said that Jesus will come back in the same way they have seen Him go into heaven.

These words created a sense of anticipation regarding the return of Jesus in the early church. Are we still living with this hope today? Is the fact that Jesus will come back at some point, part of our frame of reference, or do we live as if it is never going to happen? How do we live with expectation of the return of Jesus? I will talk about this in a short video that will be available on our social media platforms on Ascension Day (Thursday, 18 May).

May we all resolve once again, to persevere in faith and to live as people expecting His return!

Week of Pentecost: 19-28 May

During Pentecost, we celebrate the birth of the Church and also the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This is the only one of the great Christian events (the birth of Jesus, His death and resurrection and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit) that continues today. The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit is ongoing in our lives as believers. It is about being equipped with Power to be witnesses.

We call ourselves a “Pentecostal” church, which means that we believe that the Spirit of God is given to believers to live dynamic and overcoming lives. As Pentecostals, we believe that faith must not be something abstract, academic or ritualistic, but authentically experiential. This implies that Pentecost and the celebration thereof is central to who we are as the AFM. This should however not only be a celebration of belief and Theology, but a continuous and real experience for every believer.

Short video clips will be available on our social media platforms at the start of Pentecost Week (Friday, 19 May) and on Pentecost Sunday (Sunday, 28 May).

Men’s Fellowship Conference: 19-21 May

This year our National Men’s Fellowship will have their conference from 19-21 May at Abbortsford Christian Centre in East London. The theme is: “Men after God’s own heart.” The well-known speaker and actor Zane Meas (Neville Meintjies from 7de Laan) will be one of the speakers.

I encourage our pastors and men from all our assemblies to attend and strengthen the Men’s fellowship’s endeavour to influence the culture and mentality of men in our country. It will be good to see and meet you there. Please contact Pastor Nimrod Kekana at 071 299 4346 or Pastor Joe Mabena at 072 122 6807 for more information.

The Church’s 115th Birthday Anniversary: 25 May

This year we are celebrating the 115th birthday of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) of South Africa. We will again celebrate it as an AFM Logo Day, this time however we are adding a challenge to all our members to share their faith in Jesus Christ with at least one other person.

Our Deputy President Pastor Barend Petersen will be sharing about this initiative on social media on (Friday, 12 May). The National Office Bearers will share four short equipping videos on an example of how members can share their faith with family and friends. This will be available on (15-17 May).


Keep The Fire Burning

We are looking forward to visiting and spending time in ministry and impartation with Regional Pastors, Assembly Leaders, Governing Body Members, Departments and Members during the Regional Empowerment Visits. The Theme for 2023 is: KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

The National Office Bearers (NOB) felt led to focus on the Spiritual Foundation of Missionality and to spend time on who we are and how we live as Holy Spirit-filled people and church. We will focus on (i) Our Calling as Believers and Pastors; (ii) Daily time with the Word and in Prayer; (iii) The Character, Values and Norms of Holy Spirit filled People; and (iv) Keeping the Fire Burning in your Finances.

Below we share the remaining dates and venues for the NOB Empowerment Visits of 2023:

The Programme for Friday and Saturday is available from our website:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Warm Regards
Henri Weideman

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