Newsflash: Friday, 3 December 2021

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AFM Newsflash Friday, 3 December 2021



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Dear Colleague,


The election of the new NOB of the AFM of SA took place on 16 and 17 November 2021 during a hybrid in-person and digital General Business meeting held in 19 different venues simultaneously. The Inauguration Ceremony (with Covid-19 distancing & hygiene regulations) was held on Tuesday, 30 November at 19:00 at the Doxa Deo Midstream campus.

The event was live-streamed and can be viewed on The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Facebook page – Click here for the video.  Pastor Thandanani Savhasa, the presiding Pastor of the AFM Naledi Assembly, fulfilled the task of program director with flair and distinction.

The first Office Bearers elected after unity in 1996, Dr Isak Burger (President), Dr Frank Chikane (Deputy President), Pastor George Mahlobo (General Secretary) and Pastor Peter de Witt (General Treasurer), were asked to pray for the newly elected Office Bearers. Unfortunately, Dr Chikane had to withdraw from the event due to him being exposed to individuals with Covid-19.  Dr Japie La Poorta prayed in his place, and a recording sent by Dr Chikane was played.  Pastor George Mahlobo, President of the AFM International and outgoing President of the AFM of SA offered words of encouragement and conducted the induction of the new NOB.

Jamela Vuma, award-winning recording artist and worship leader of the AFM Impact Christian Centre in Midrand, ministered with Zulu and English songs. Nkhensani Mthembi, the 11-year-old daughter of Pastor Gerald and Sister Thandi Mthembi offered congratulations. Pastor Nimrod Kekana composed and presented a special poem for the inauguration and brother Andy Petersen rendered a trumpet number. After the four new Office Bearers, each shared a response message, Dr Ina Smit, the chairperson of the Gauteng Central Region closed the event in prayer.

In this Newsflash, we share a few photos of the event.

A Word of Thanks 

Pastor George Mahlobo and Dr Japie La Poorta, the outgoing President and Deputy President of the AFM of SA, deserve a special word of thanks for their years of dedication and service to the AFM. Their serving attitude, warm hearts, and continuous sacrifice, as well as their corporate memory, will always be remembered and remains a rich source of inspiration and guidance.

Focus on our Vision

At the inauguration, I shared the dream that I believe God is shaping in my heart. This picture flows from our vision statement as the AFM of SA: “We see a church accessible to all people, celebrating our unity and God-given diversity, empowering our members for caring and changing communities to the glory of God.”

In this regard: I see a church: Not a social club. Not a political organization; a Pentecostal Church, that functions as an expression of the Body of Christ in South Africa and gives moral and ethical direction and guidance. I see a church that is relevant to the time we are living in and holding on to Biblical principles and beliefs.

We must equip and train pastors with the necessary Theology, Leadership and Entrepreneurial abilities to be effective in the changing and challenging times that we are in.

I see a church accessible to all people: The post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh painted the church at Auvers in 1890. He portrayed it as a place of doom and gloom – with dark windows – reflecting the dark sky around it and not radiating any light from within. From the angle he painted it, there are also no doors visible. It creates a picture of an inaccessible and unwelcoming dark place.

The AFM should always be accessible to ALL people. Members of all ages, as well as visitors, should be greeted at the door and feel welcome. We must put practical church planting and -growth plans in place to ensure that wherever you find people, you will find the AFM.

Not only must every local assembly be accessible to all people, but our leadership structures must also be accessible to new and upcoming leaders – both male and female. In this regard, I foresee an intentional leadership development and recognition program.

The wellness and continuous development of all our pastors are also areas where accessibility is very important.

I see a church celebrating our unity and God-given diversity: Our diversity should never be used as a tool for division. It must be celebrated as an asset in our ongoing development and growth. Our diversity is expressed in a bouquet of cultures, languages, traditions, learning experiences, stories, ways of expression and liturgies. None of which are “better” than others, just different. We can appreciate and learn so much from each other, as we participate in the multifaceted existence that the AFM has to offer.

I will spend a portion of my time and work to strengthen and deepen the unity for which many of our leaders, pastors and members sacrificed so much. The achievement of structural unity in 1996 was a remarkable milestone on this journey that still needs to continue, as we treasure and strengthen our cohesion.

I see a church empowering our members for caring and changing communities, to the glory of God. We live in a world and society where many people are suffering, are destitute, lonely and abused. As the church, we have a mandate to care for people in need. Our members must be empowered to care in ways that really make a difference to the welfare of all people in our communities.

As Pentecostal people, we cannot be indifferent towards the socio-economic and environmental ills in our society. We cannot be so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly good. On National, Regional and Local levels we must be agents of change and our members must be empowered to be involved in sustainable ways.

I am very aware that the function of AFM of SA President is assigned to me for a season. I will give my best in this time. I thank you for your goodwill and humbly ask for your continued prayer.


Henri Weideman

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