Newsflash: Friday, 28 February 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

Urgent Notes:

AFM Head Office – We apologise for any inconvenience experienced due to Telkom’s national outage that is affecting our phone lines.

Nomination Forms – All Pastors must please ensure that the Nomination Forms for the 2020 national elections are send to the correct e-mail address. The address is:

2020 NOB Empowerment Visits – Join the NOB for the remaining Regional Empowerment Visits. All information can be downloaded from:


The National Leadership Forum (NLF) has identified the need to produce a booklet on the Apostolic Faith Mission’s (AFM) doctrine. We are part of the classical Pentecostal Churches. In many respects our tenets of faith bear resemblance. Although we are part of this broader Pentecostal tradition, it is essential that our members and pastors should know the pillars of our doctrine. Church’s doctrine underlies and explains the practice of the Christian faith.
Our Confession of Faith serves as a guide in this regard:

The leadership held a theological discussion with a number of our pastors and our theological lecturers. Participants reached a consensus that the AFM’s Confession of Faith be used as the basis for the production of our doctrinal booklet. It is envisaged that the booklet will include doctrines of God, Christ, The Holy Spirit, the Bible, Humanity, Salvation, the Church, Sacraments and of the Last things. It is my hope that this will be a useful document for orientation and the strengthening of the faith of our members.

From time to time we also consider doctrinal, ethical and liturgical matters. The Doctrine, Ethics and Liturgy Committee (DEL Committee) is a standing Committee of the NLF tasked with the responsibility to consider these issues. They have made several recommendations to the NLF. On the other hand, the NLF has approved these recommendations as church pronouncements. I often come across pastors and members who want to know about the church’s official position on matters such as cremation, surrogacy, homosexuality and many others.

Pronouncements on these matters are available on our church’s website. I urge you to visit our web site and download the church’s pronouncements:



Kindly take note that the following prices for AFM Stationery will be in effect from 1 March 2020. To place orders for stationery, please contact Ms. Inocentia Ravhura at the AFM Head Office:

Past. M.G. Mahlobo

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