Newsflash: Friday, 24 February 2023

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AFM Newsflash: Friday, 24 February 2023



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NOB Empowerment Visits 2023: Dates & Venues – You are Invited!

Dear Colleague,


What was to be a regular scheduled chapel service at Asbury University turned into an ongoing experience of worship, confession, prayer, testimony and consecration to God. The service has been going on non-stop for nearly two weeks now, and people from all over the United States are flocking to the small town of Wilmore in Kentucky. At some point, 3,000 attendees were spread through the auditorium and other facilities on the campus, whilst the town’s police had their hands full with managing the traffic.

A revival, or as some prefer to call it, an “awakening” – serves to revitalize the spiritual life of believers and to give non-believers an opportunity to become followers of Jesus. Some church historians, commentators and other critics are trying to evaluate whether this is really a revival and use the characteristics of other classical revivals as measuring tools.

I am not going to presume that this is or should be a typical revival or awakening. I am convinced that God by His Holy Spirit, work as He chooses to and not always according to “historic” ways. Instead, God is always doing something new. The most important measuring instrument according to the Bible, is the fruit coming from an experience like this. The words of a well-known New Testament Professor at the Asbury Theological Seminary from whom we receive regular feedback are relevant: “Whatever you want to call it, this is the first time in years anything like this has happened here!”

It is evident that the lives of many students, mostly young people, have been impacted by a renewed dedication and passion for God. I see that as very positive and powerful. I close with the words of Gamaliel during the time the Sanhedrin tried to evaluate the ministry of the early church.  He basically said that if the purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fade away. But if it is from God, no one can stop it. (Acts 5:38)

Let us continue to work and pray for revival in our own county, amongst all our people as well.


Keep The Fire Burning

We are looking forward to visiting and spending time in ministry and impartation with Regional Pastors, Assembly Leaders, Governing Body Members, Departments and Members during the Regional Empowerment Visits. The Theme for 2023 is: KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

The National Office Bearers (NOB) felt led to focus on the Spiritual Foundation of Missionality and to spend time on who we are and how we live as Holy Spirit-filled people and church. We will focus on (i) Our Calling as Believers and Pastors; (ii) Daily time with the Word and in Prayer; (iii) The Character, Values and Norms of Holy Spirit filled People; and (iv) Keeping the Fire Burning in your Finances.

Below we share the remaining dates and venues for the NOB Empowerment Visits of 2023:

The Programme for Friday and Saturday is available from our website:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


National Youth Conference
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National Men’s Fellowship Conference
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Warm Regards!
Henri Weideman

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