Newsflash: Friday, 20 March 2020

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20 MARCH ENG 2020

AFM Colleagues,

We share two important updates for your attention in this week’s Newsflash:




ATS vs NLF Case

Subsequent, to the church’s unity the church embarked on integration of the various AFM Theological Institutions with a view of having one AFM College. This process was halted during 2008. The halting of this process was due to a Court order obtained by the Auckland Park Theological College (“ATS”) on 15 August 2008, interdicting and restraining the National Leadership Forum (“NLF”) and directors appointed by the NLF, from purporting to transact any business whatsoever on behalf, and in the name of AFM Theological College NPC (“AFMTC”) – and presenting themselves to third parties as being members and directors of AFMTC. The matter was heard during 2010 and the Court dismissed the application with costs on 8 August 2011, and the interim order made during 2008 was set aside. ATS filed several appeals which were dismissed and their final application with the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein, for leave to appeal against the judgment of 19 December 2013, was dismissed on 26 March 2014. The effect of the judgments was that the directors appointed by the NLF during 2008 were confirmed as the lawfully appointed directors.

NLF vs ATS Case

The NLF instituted legal proceeding against ATS during 2012 for an order in terms of which it is declared that the ATS seceded the AFMTC from the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa and that such ownership in all property, movable and immovable, which vested in the AFMTC, should fall back to the NLF. The application was heard in the North Gauteng High Court on 17 April 2018 and judgment was delivered on 18 April 2019. It was declared that ATS seceded from the AFM of SA and that the ownership in all property, moveable and immovable which vested in the AFMTC fell back to the AFM of SA, and ATS were ordered to immediately transfer all rights of ownership to the AFM of SA and was evicted form 55 Richmond Street. The judgement of the Court has not yet been implemented because motivations for the judgement are still pending and there is a possibility of ATS appealing the judgement.

AFM Agreements with Global School of Theology and University of North West

While these disputes were being acted on, the AFM concluded an agreement with the Global School of Theology, to train our pastors. The 2012 General Business Meeting (GBM) decided to terminate our agreement with the Global School of Theology. Subsequently, an agreement for the training of our pastors was entered into with the University of North West.

Research Chair 

The AFM concluded an agreement with the University of North West to establish a Research Chair in Ecumenism: Pentecostalism and neo-Pentecostalism during 2016 and Professor Marius Nel was appointed as the Chief Researcher.

During this time Prof Nel published the following:

Popular Publications: 3 Academic Articles.

Academic Publications: 8 Academic Articles.

Articles in Peer-Review Journals: 34 Academic Articles.

Prof Nel successfully guided 4 Master’s degrees and 2 Doctoral degree candidates as Promotor.

On the grounds of his performance he received the award of the Best Researcher in the whole NWU for three (3) years in succession.

Application for Registration as Private Higher Institution

The AFM Theological College NPC submitted both an Application for Registration as a Private Higher Education Institution to the Department of Higher Education and Training, and an application for accreditation of a Bachelor of Theology Degree at the AFM Theological College at Soshanguve Gauteng, with the Higher Education Qualifications Council during 2018. The Higher Education Qualifications Council set out six (6) conditions referring to matters that must be addressed prior to the commencement of the recruitment of students or the offering of the programme. Representatives of the CHE (Council on Higher Education) visited the Soshanguve Campus on 6 January 2020 in fulfilment of the last condition. It is anticipated that the applications should be finalised during 2020. Several processes will commence upon conclusion of the registration of the AFMTC by the Department of Higher Education and Training, including recruitment of staff etc.

We encourage our students who currently studies at North West University to successfully complete their studies. Further announcements will be made at the right time.

The Board of the AFM Theological College thank the Lord for the progress to realise the vision to provide pastoral training at our own AFM Theological College.

MG Mahlobo

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