Newsflash: Friday, 2 July 2021



1. Pastoral Letter: 2nd Quarter

2. Alert Level 4: Updated Protocol (Past. M.G. Mahlobo)

3. The Possible Adoption of a Single Marriage Statute: AFM Submission 

4. PEPUDA Amendment Bill: AFM Submission 

AFM Colleagues,


The placement of our country on Covid Alert Level 4, with its prohibition of gatherings has disrupted some of our planned activities. These include the National Leadership Forum which was scheduled for 19-22 July 2021. We are making attempts to convene it in August if the situation allows.

We continue to receive information on our pastors, pastors’ spouses and members who have succumbed to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of our families are going through times of unprecedented bereavement. We need each other, now, even more than before. Let us continue to be channels of comfort and hope. It is my prayer that God will give you strength and the necessary anointing for God’s ministry in these difficult times. Remember, you are always in our prayers.


In past Newsflashes, I made you aware of the legislation regarding two matters. These are: (1) the Marriage Amendment Bill and (2) the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (PEPUDA). I also mentioned that the AFM of SA made its submission in both instances. The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa ( and the South African Council of Churches ( have also made submissions.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is in force since yesterday, 1 July 2021. Churches are also required to comply with POPIA ( Compliance is required on all 3 levels of our structures, namely National (inclusive of National Departments), Regional and on Local Assembly Level. For now, I would like to call upon all AFM pastors and structures to ensure that all information of individuals in your possession has been acquired with the knowledge and permission of those people. You are also expected to use such information only for the purpose for which it was given. It should not be passed on to other people without the knowledge and permission of the person concerned. I am certain that most of you, if not all, would agree that your personal information should be protected at all times. Let us be good stewards of the information entrusted to us.

The General Secretary, Dr Henri Weideman is acting on this matter to ensure that the church complies. You will be contacted in due course. Herewith I include more information from Dr Henri Weideman:

“Dear Colleagues. Please take note that we secured a plan for compliance with the act on the Protection Of Personal Information (POPI) for the AFM of SA as a whole. The act takes effect from 1 July 2021, although registration of organisations has now been postponed to February 2022.

We will disseminate church specific AFM of SA copyrighted documents needed for compliance to all National Departments, Regions and Assemblies within the next two weeks. 

We are aware that some Assemblies have been quoted exuberant amounts for assistance to comply. The Documents and Policies, for which the national church will carry the cost, will include a short video and explanatory material and will include all that is needed for compliance with the Act

Regional & Network Committees must please ensure that the information in this message, as well as the documents that we will be distributed, will reach and be completed by all assemblies in their Region/Network. Please assist your colleagues were possible, as non-compliance will have legal consequences.

Stay blessed and stay safe.”


MG Mahlobo

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