Newsflash: Friday, 19 November 2021

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AFM Newsflash: Friday, 19 November 2021



1. AFM of SA: National Calendar 2022 

2. Pastoral Letter: 4th Quarter (New!)

3. NOB Empowerment Visits 2021: PowerPoint Presentations

4. NOB Empowerment Visits 2021: Training Videos

AFM Colleagues,


To God be the glory for a successful GBM meeting! I would also like to thank all delegates who attended this historic virtual GBM. Let me share some important highlights:

Quorum Reached

Allow me to thank the Conference Committee, the Regional Leaders and Regional Administrators/Secretaries who facilitated the registration of delegates from our Assemblies, National Departments and Standing Committees. For the first time in 20 years, we reached a quorum by the deadline date which was 1 November 2021.

The quorum was maintained even though some of the delegates left before the sessions were concluded.

A Technolgical System

I must applaud our IT team for providing a system that allowed delegates to register and access the GBM venues without any glitches. There were no long queues and delays. Delegates were able to access the venues and receive GBM lanyards, name tags and an agenda book through the use of a Quick Response (QR) code on confirmation letters and name tags. The agenda and elections went smooth because of the synchronisation of the various venues with the main venue at Woord en Lewe (Boksburg). Delegates could participate audibly from all venues.

Congratulations to our IT Team led by Desmond Alie (General Manager) and Rudolf du Toit (IT Consultant).

Nomination Pool

The inclusion of the nomination pool prior to the GBM elections, as approved by the 2018 GBM, proved to be effective. All National Office Bearers except for the General Secretary were elected from the pool. Nominations from the floor were proven to be an appropriate deadlock breaking mechanism. We had to resort to nominations from the floor when the only nominee for the General Secretary was elected as President.

Election Process

Those who attended this GBM would agree with me that the integrity of the election process was not compromised. This was due to the immaculate way the Chief Electoral Officer (Past Frank Chikane), the Scrutiny Committee together with the teams of the Chief Counting Officers in the nineteen (19) venues, conducted the elections.

Our core values of integrity, accountability and excellence were demonstrated.

Managing Risks

I want to thank all those who provided the nineteen (19) venues for the convening of the 2021 GBM. Venues had backup systems that mitigated negative effects related to weather and load shedding. There was a minor disruption at one venue due to a blackout. It was, however, quickly resolved.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Leaders

I would like to congratulate our newly elected National Office Bearers (NOB), namely Dr H.J. Weideman (President), Past B. Petersen (Deputy President), Past M.S. Khumalo (General Secretary) and Past R.J. Coertzen (General Treasurer).

I pray that God will give them insight, wisdom and anointing to take this church forward.

The newly-elected National Office Bearers will be inaugurated on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 in Centurion, Gauteng. More information will be sent through in due course.


Kindly note that a Press Release was sent to the media regarding the outcome of the AFM National Office Bearers elections that can be downloaded from the link below:


When things are tough and difficult in my own household, does God still expect me to reach out to others in need? We believe that through God’s grace we should continue to generously give and reach out to others in need – even in challenging times.

This is the proposed theme for the 2021 AFM Welfare Weekend (26-28 November 2021) as celebrated by the Members and Assemblies in The AFM of SA. This year there is a special focus on how the church can make a difference in the lives of older persons in their community. We are excited to see what AFM Members and Assemblies are planning!

Today we share all the resources that you will need for your AFM Welfare Weekend:


For practical guidelines on how to make the most of your AFM Welfare Weekend, remember to consult the Pastoral Letter of the 3rd Quarter:


Download information that will empower you to present training on your Assembly on cultivating family values, written by Ashley Theron (Acting CEO of AFM Welfare):


A two-part training video empowering Pastors and members on how to “Care & Protect Older Persons” in their local communities – presented by Ashley Theron (Acting CEO of AFM Welfare):

Video 1:

Video 2:

PowerPoint Presentations for Video 1 & 2:

Resources: AFM Welfare Weekend (26-28 Nov)


To guide Pastors in their preparation for the Sunday Sermon written by Past Jean Symons (Vice Chairperson of AFM Welfare):

Resources: AFM Welfare Weekend (26-28 Nov)

We trust that you will find these resources helpful. For any further enquiries regarding AFM Welfare Weekend contact: Ashley Theron

MG Mahlobo

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