Newsflash: Friday, 17 January

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I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you with best wishes for 2020. I hope you had a good recess and that you have begun the new year with vigor.

January is our month for prayer and fasting. Each congregation exercises its discretion in this regard. My request is that you add the following items in your prayer list:

AFM of SA Elections

2020 is the election year in the AFM of SA. Pray that the elections, in all church structures, will go smoothly and result in the election of God-fearing, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-guided, Bible-based, Caring and Committed leaders.

Socio-Economic Situation

I am also asking you to include our country’s socio-economic situation. We began this year with load shedding, despite promises that there would be no load shedding until 13 January 2020. It seems load shedding and its concomitant impact at the social and economic level will be with us for some time. Let us pray that those who are tasked with the generation and supply of electricity will be granted wisdom and capacity to deliver on their assignment. Let us also pray for social cohesion. Levels of intolerance, violence and crime continue to be the features in the public discourse. We need the Divine intervention in this regard.


Last but not least, let us pray for revival which is accompanied by passion for winning lost and hurting people in South Africa, in Africa and the entire world.

Colleagues and Colleagues’ Spouses who Passed on

In an unprecedented manner many of our Colleagues and Spouses passed on in December 2019 and beginning of January 2020. Let us remember their bereaved families in our prayers. I am referring to Past. Joseph Roux, Mrs. Ntombekhaya Booi, Past. Evert Phillipus Botha, Past. Michael Mncedisi Mkhosana, Past. Theodorus Ernest Cornelius Botha, Mrs. Shirley Mandean, Past. Samuel Hendrik Mandean (emeritus), Mrs. Engela van Zyl, Past.  Ndodwa Blekiwe, Prof. Leonard Phillipus Maré, Mrs. Rita Gerber, Past. Simon Modisaotsile Modisane, Evangelist Evelyn Gigaba, Mrs. Mohanoa Johanna Selepe, Past. Moses Swartz, Past. Isaac Harvey, Past. Thembekile Sokabo and Past. Pieter van der Westhuizen. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke also passed on, this past December.


We hereby invite all AFM Pastors, Governing Body Members, Leaders and National Youth to the 2020 NOB Empowerment Visits. The intention of the Empowerment Visits is to inform, equip, train and engage in dialogue on matters of strategic importance to the church. I want to strongly encourage you to attend the empowerment session in your province.

The theme for the visits is:

Actions with Impact
Leading in a missional church

We are looking forward to engaging with the church on the following topics:

  1. The Impact of the Ministry on Pastor’s Children.
  2. The Nomination Process and Dates for the 2020 National Office Bearers Elections.
    A document is already available on this matter. Kindly download from:
  3. Women in Leadership.
  4. The Role and Function of the Pastor within a Missional Church.
  5. Being Church in the Public Domain.
  6. Community Involvement: Practical Implementation (Presented by the AFM Welfare)

The programme for the Friday and Saturday can be downloaded from the link below:

The National Office Bearers will be visiting all Provinces on the following dates:


Past. Sam Tshabalala

Dear Scholars, Parents and Guardians,

Compliments and blessings to all the children as they start the new 2020 school year. I hope you have relaxed and replenished your energy for the new school year.  We also congratulate the Matric Class of 2019 who have achieved over 80% overall pass. We thank the Lord and the education authorities for this remarkable improvement and achievement. And to those who did not make it, it is not the end of the world; don’t give up, try again my child.

Now, it is back to school time for all children and none must remain at home or denied the right to education. I hope you will work hard in order to pass at the end of the year. We trust the Lord for divine protection against the schemes of the devil that torment our children at schools through bullying, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and suicide amongst other things.  My beloved children, stay away from such bad things and focus on your education in order to be a better person in future. As a Church we pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and support you to excel in your school work so that you can pass and lead our nation and society in future. Your future and that of the church depend on you and therefore it is important to prepare for this noble task like a person preparing for the Olympic Games or the Comrade Marathon. This preparation requires hard work and it entails praying and reading your Bible regularly, attending school and doing your school work and homework diligently.

The Bible teaches us:
“Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a workman…” – (2 Timothy 2:15, AMP)

I hereby wish as I do now to urge all parents and guardians to become prayer warriors for the success of the children of our church and the country in all their spheres of life in 2020 and beyond. Once more, compliments and may the good Lord be with you as you begin your school year! Do so with vigor and oomph!

Past. M.G. Mahlobo

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