Newsflash: Friday, 15 September 2023

AFM Newsflash_Friday_15 SEPT 2023


Thank You! Conference Appreciation –
Pastor Selby Khumalo (General Secretary):

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Dear Colleague,


I am very thankful that our 2023 National Conference (7-9 September) was indeed not just another meeting, but a time of refreshment, fellowship and real upliftment. We have been reminded that wé are the light of the world. That this light should never be hidden, but must be like a lamp on a lamp stand, and a city on a hill – a light visible to everybody.

Our light must shine in such a way that people will see our good deeds and glorify the true God in heaven. Our light must só shine so that it will have a generational impact, passing on our faith and our DNA as Pentecostal believers to our young people and children. We, like many others, used to be in the darkness, but since we became the Lord’s people, we are people of the Light and must live purposefully like people who belong to the Light. Our light must never reflect the changing cultures and circumstances around us, instead, just like the moon, which has no light of itself but only reflects the sun, we must always reflect Jesus.

During the PCD sessions which were very well attended, two very relevant subjects were presented. One was on mental health and how we can proactively address it, and the other on a Pentecostal perspective on the phenomenon of “fake” prophets. These presentations can be downloaded from the conference website: In the meanwhile, we have been receiving enquiries about the book “Lead with Intent” by Hermann du Plessis. This book can be ordered by sending an e-mail directly to – he will then reply with an invoice and delivery details. If you order from Hermann the book is R200 (it is more expensive when you buy from the retailers).

I thank everybody who was part of the organization to make the conference possible, as well as all who were part of the daily program and every individual who made the effort to attend. Some people travelled far – and for more than one day – to be present. We experienced the diversity of our church in worship, in the program and in attendance. Many people testified about the spirit of unity and peace amongst all present.

Several people described the conference as “powerful and memorable”, “a supernatural encounter” and “full of the power of the Holy Spirit.” I especially noted the comment of someone who said: “Our identity has been reaffirmed.” My prayer is that we will not just move on to the next, or another conference and experience, but that we will take the time to reflect on what God through His Holy Spirit shared with us during this conference. May we then not be like the person who sees him/herself in a mirror, go away and forget but may we really do in practice what we have heard.

Friendly Regards
Henri Weideman

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