Newsflash: Friday, 14 February 2020

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Dear AFM Colleagues,


I would like to thank and appreciate all pastors who have already submitted their PCD compliance certificates through their Regional PCD Coordinators. Those who have done so and have not yet received their credential cards are requested to contact their Regional PCD Coordinators.

All pastors below 65 years were expected to submit their PCD compliance certificate before 31 December 2019 through their Regional Secretaries to the office of the PCD National Coordinator’s Office. The expectation is that each pastor should accumulate 50 PCD credits per annum. This implies that pastors who have been ordained by 2016 should have 200 PCD credits. Pastors who are non-compliant are requested to contact their Regional PCD Coordinators with a view to being compliant. Failure to comply by 31 January 2021 may have a negative impact on their pastoral status.

For more information please visit the AFM PCD website:


The Office of the General Secretary has sent nomination forms for the creation of the nominations’ pool. Each Assembly Governing Body is entitled to receive and complete one nomination form. This is the same with each Regional Committee. Completed forms must be sent to the Office of the President, through hand delivery, registered mail or through e-mail. The e-mail address to be used, in this regard is

The deadline date for the submission of these forms is Tuesday 31 March 2020 not later than 16h00. Registered AFM Assemblies who have not yet received these forms are requested to contact the General Secretary’s Office (during Office hours). Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.

A formal Circular was also sent with the above-mentioned information:


The Bible Society of South Africa is celebrating 200 years this year (1820-2020). I would like to invite our Assemblies to participate in these celebrations by making donations to the Bible Society. These donations can be sent through Regional Treasurers/Administrators to the Office of the General Treasurer.

The National Office Bearers are making a plea to all our congregations to regard Sunday 13 September 2020 as Bible Sunday. Offerings for the Bible Society can be collected and promotions of the work of the Bible Society should be done. Our General Treasurer will make a proposal concerning a donation from the NLF (National Leadership Forum) to the Bible Society.

The Bible Society’s primary focus is the translation of the Bible into various languages, printing and distribution of the Bibles at affordable prices. I am including herein a document titled “The Bible Hope for All” that can be used to promote the work of the Bible Society at the congregational level:

You are also welcome to connect with the Bible Society through:

Past. M.G. Mahlobo

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