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Dear beloved in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

Resumption Of Children’s Ministry Activities and Election Of Regional Ministry Structures

It has been more than 20 months since we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the activities of the Children’s Ministry were severely disrupted in our structures and assemblies. In this regard, I direct that all Children’s Ministry activities resume with immediate effect in all the structures and assemblies – under strict Covid-19 protocols and regulations. Some assemblies have done well in ensuring that the spiritual needs of the children are taken care of and carried on with regional activities. However, there are still places where Children’s Ministry activities are suspended for no reason. I, therefore, encourage and urge all of us to resume Children’s Ministry activities with immediate effect.

I take it that by now all Children’s Ministry Regional Committees have been elected and are in place. If not, kindly do so before the end of February 2022 in preparation for the NCM Elective Conference on 19 March 2022.

Kindly download all relevant information as mentioned above:


NCM 2022 GBM Notice

Annexure A – Registration Form

Annexure B – Agenda

Annexure C – Bank Confirmation Letter

Annexure D – Minutes of the previous NCMGBM

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