One AFM Game Plan

Community Involvement Questionnaire

Community Involvement Questionnaire

What is the #1 GOAL in your assembly?

The AFM is a missional movement with a passion for soul winning. This missionality is the foundation and underlying motivation of everything we do as a church. The “One AFM Game Plan” is the name we use for a communication process that aims to re-focus the church on all its leadership levels, with the original calling of the AFM. At the heart of its intent lies the Great Commission, a desire to see the AFM returning back to its missional roots, where every AFM member is a powerful witness and soul-winner in their community and on the market-place.



Where are we now?

The One AFM Game Plan is a communication process that started in 2013 and was rolled out to various leadership levels of the church. Below is a timeline of what has been achieved thus far:

  • 2013: Launched the One AFM Game Plan at the National Leadership Forum at the Birchwood Hotel in Johannesburg.
  • 2014: During the NOB (National Office Bearers) Regional Empowerment Visits the One AFM Game Plan was introduced and workshopped with regional, network and departmental committees.
  • 2015/2016: Regional, network and departmental committees introduced and facilitated the One AFM Game Plan with their local Pastors. During the 2016 NOB (National Office Bearers) Regional Empowerment Visits, research was conducted to find out what the current challenges were. The NOB noted that the issue of language was the greatest barriers – since the Game Plan content was only available in English.
  • 2017: Local Pastors are introducing and facilitating the One AFM Game Plan with their Governing Bodies. Regional, network and departmental committees are overseeing this process and are supporting and encouraging the local assemblies in this regard. To address the language issue, a special Game Plan DVD resource was compiled presenting Game Plan information in four different languages: Afrikaans, English, isiZulu and Sesotho.

These resources are also available from the Blog section of this website: 

  • 2018: During the NOB Regional Empowerment Visits a survey is conducted to determine current status and needs. The NOB is listening and receiving input. The results will be available shortly after the completion of all empowerment visits.

Have you introduced & facilitated the Game Plan with your Governing Body?

We want to encourage remaining Pastors and Governing Bodies to complete the Game Plan facilitation as soon as possible. In the process do not hesitate to call on the support of your regional/network committee. We also want to extend a word of appreciation to our regional structures for their efforts, support and investment in the Game Plan process thus far.

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AFM One Game Plan

AFM One Game Plan