Corporate Branding Guidelines

We have developed this document in response to The AFM of SA’s repositioning strategy adopted by the 2021-2024 Office Bearers. The creative work contained in this book and the ideas outlined herein are for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, the propagation of the Christian faith and gospel, and the growth of The AFM of SA brand locally and globally.

Also, it builds on the visual traditions of The AFM of SA while reflecting our ambitions and aspirations for the future as a Church. The strength of our visual identity lies in distinguishing us instantly in the minds of a spectrum of audiences and creating our presence and character even in the absence of our officials and personnel.

With this document, we intend to provide increased coherence in the way we present ourselves and a visual shorthand for the values, objectives and qualities which make The AFM of SA unique. It has been designed in a way that allows it to be applied across a wide range of uses whilst keeping its visual integrity and impact.

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