Good Governance

Be good stewards (custodians, supervisors, guardians) of God’s resources – To accelerate the implementation of the Great Commission.


Good Governance is about the most effective and accountable process of decision-making and the process by which these decisions are implemented.

Good governance in the church has to do with the way in which the church as a public institution conducts private and public affairs and manages its resources.

Equivalent terms:

  • Stewardship
  • Good management
  • Accountability, transparency, being able to manage church assets, resources and time
  • Have systems in place that will create accountability for all parties in the church
  • Proper structure management and administration

Key Scriptures:

• Acts 6:3
• 1 Tim. 3:5
• Math. 2:14
• Rom. 12:8
• 1 Cor. 12:28

The concept of Good Governance in the church centers on the responsibility on all levels of the church to meet the needs of its members with the resources available. Good Governance is based on effective leadership and moral principles. It is directed to the growth and development of the church and is therefore inextricably linked to the missional foundation of the church.

Satan and sin always works towards anarchy and disorder. Everything God created lives and works in perfect harmony and balance with the rest of His creation – from the immense universal solar systems to the cells in the human body. In our sin-broken earthly reality Satan will always try to bring disorder and dysfunction, also in the church. That is why some people with a self-centered agenda often break away from the orderly structures of the church where accountability is required.

Good governance in the church acknowledges that believers are not perfect and faultless people and that it is for the benefit and safety of all that responsibility and accountability be monitored. Without inhibiting people and without smothering initiative, governance is about oversight on all levels in the church.

Good governance is about securing good stewardship of God’s people and His interests. If one’s life is sincere with God and honest with your fellow-men, one would not shy away from being accountable and transparent. In fact, integrity welcomes it.


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