GBM: Circular & Supporting Documents

Download the Circular (Dated: 16 September 2021):

Circular to Pastors Regions September 2021 GBM

Download the Supporting Annexures:

Annexure A – 2021 GBM Provisional Agenda

Annexure A (i) – 2021 GBM Program

Annexure B – 2021 GBM Registration Form

Annexure C – September 2018 GBM Minutes

Annexure D – Circular to Pastors Regions Constitutional Amendments 2021 GBM

Annexure E – List of Nominees as circulated on 17 August 2020

Annexure E1 CV of Dr Henri Weideman

Annexure E2 CV of Past Barend Petersen

Annexure E3 CV of Past. Peter Thamage

Annexure E4 CV of Past. Petrus Tholwana

Annexure E5 CV of Past. Rudi Coertzen

For any further enquiries regarding this communication, please contact Dr H.J. Weideman (General Secretary of the AFM of SA):

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