Education and Training

Dr H.J. Weideman – Education & Training Director

In November 2007 the AFM established the Education and Training Department with the responsibility to train all members of the church including: deacons, elders, assembly leaders, youth workers and leaders, children’s ministry teachers, pastors, members for specialised ministry (e.g. missionaries), evangelists as well as in-service training of ordained pastors. The Department is dedicated to provide responsive, quality ministry education, training and development.

The Department is also compliant with all requirements of the Department of Higher Education and its relevant sub-divisions including the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the Council for Higher Education and the Higher Education Quality Committee. The Department is committed to promoting excellence in ministry.

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Theological Training

Our mission is to present biblically based, Pentecostal theological education by means of intramural classes, open distance education, on a national and international level, in order to equip believers for Kingdom ministry.

Ministry Integrated Learning

In the MIL program a candidate is given the opportunity to execute in practice what was learned during his/her theoretical and academic ministerial training, under the guidance of an appointed mentor.

Pastors Continuous Development

Pastors Continuous Development (PCD) is a program implemented by the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa to enable and monitor the continuous development and growth of all the ordained Pastors.

Theological Training

Ms. Marni Zimmermann

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