“Changing the destiny of maltreated, abused, abandoned, orphaned & special needs children in South Africa.”


The AFM Executive Welfare Council

TELEPHONE   +27 12 753 7940
FAX                      +27 86 604 2936
E-MAIL               [email protected]
WEBSITE          www.umephi.org


P.O. Box 14927


Building No.4 1st Floor, Central Office Park
257 Jean Avenue, Centurion, Pretoria

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Head of Departments

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  • Through a collection of programs the AFM Executive Welfare Council concentrates on the needs of children, the aged, people living with HIV & Aids and people living with substance abuse. The Council also works with local churches and other non-profit driven organisations to develop and manage such programs within their communities.
  • The Council aims to foster a spirit of education, prevention, intervention and care, ensuring that services are always rendered within the context of a family and based on Christian values.
  • The Council also networks with Government on issues related to the rendering of these social services.


  • 247 Children are cared for in 25 Child & Youth Care Centres.
  • 167 Abandoned babies and babies with special needs are cared for in 17 Child & Youth Care Centres for temporary safe care every day.
  • 54 HIV-positive babies and toddlers are cared for in 9 Foster Homes.
  • 50 Babies and toddlers with special needs (brain damage and cerebral palsy) are cared for in 5 Homes for Special Needs Children.
  • 66 Orphans are cared for in 11 Foster Homes.
  • 750 Aged persons (frail and self-reliant) are cared for in Old Age Homes and Frail Care Units.
  • The ABBA Adoption Agency, took over by the AFM Executive Welfare Council in 1996, is currently the largest adoption agency in the country. The agency finds adoptive/foster parents for many of the abandoned and orphaned babies in the care of AFM Welfare.


  • The AFM Executive Council originated in 1938 as a result of the need to care for children and families affected by poverty as well as the need to care for children who, as a result of physical abuse, neglect and abandonment where removed from their parents or primary caregivers. The AFM Children’s Home was registered in 1938. In 1945 the AFM Executive Welfare Council was registered as a National Council.
  • 7 Old Age Homes and a Retirement Village were opened between 1965 and 2002.
  • During 1977 the AFM Children’s Home was restructured from a dormitory system to the cottage system (the first in South Africa) where 200 children were cared for in 20 Cottages – then known as the Villa Lubet Children’s Village.
  • The plight of abandoned babies and babies with special needs (HIV-positive, brain damaged, disabled) resulted in a decision to establish more Children’s Homes through the establishment of Private Places of Safety and Foster Homes. This became the uMephi Program with a mission to care for Abandoned and Special Needs Children as well as Orphaned Children.
  • In 1996 the AFM Executive Welfare Council took over ABBA Adoptions, running it as part of uMephi.
  • In 2007 a decision was taken to expand the services to include more formal and focused programs on HIV & Aids as well as substance abuse.