National Sisters’ Fellowship

“Prayer, fellowship and spiritual growth among women.”


AFM National Sisters’ Fellowship

TELEPHONE      +27 12 644 0490
FAX                     +27 12 644 0732/4


P.O. Box 9450



  • The National Sisters’ Fellowship promotes prayer, fellowship and spiritual growth among AFM women. The Department promotes a Christ-centred character through the following: annual conferences, special weekends and prayer days, empowerment services for girl children, lady Pastors, Pastor’s Wives and newly elected committees. 
  • Evangelism is facilitated through the Sisters’ Fellowships at local AFM Assemblies where the focus is on the community and world evangelism.
  • Taking care of the needy is done through donations to charitable organisations and hospices.
  • In support of the above, the Fellowship also dedicates time to raising funds and goods in kind.


  • The National Sisters’ Fellowship hosts an annual conference in the 2nd week of July. The conference has attracted more than 11 000 delegates in the past – making it by far the largest AFM conference. Annual conferences have created a platform for women to network and also experience the cultural diversity within the church.
  • As a result of the Fellowship, many women have taken up their God-given calling. It is no surprise today that the AFM of South Africa has over 300 ordained women pastors.
  • Once every two years, a Seminar for Pastor’s Wives is presented.


  • The National Sisters’ Fellowship was established in response to a need for a specialised ministry that focuses on ministry to women both inside and outside of the church. The Fellowship operates on a voluntary basis.
  • When the church was racially divided the Fellowship existed mainly in the former Black, Coloured and Indian Sections. Today still the National Sisters’ Fellowship operates on a three-tier structure: local, regional and national.
  • The former White Section had two women’s forums. One was for the wives of the Executive Council Members and the other was the “Dorcas”. While the former focused on the needs of the Executive Council wives, the latter focused on raising funds for the church’s Welfare Department operating mainly at the congregational level.
  • The National Sisters’ Fellowship is an affiliate member of the AFM International Sisters’ Fellowship which is constituted by Fellowships of various international countries where the AFM has a presence.