National Men’s Fellowship

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AFM National MEN’s Fellowship

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P.O. Box 9450



  • The National Men’s Fellowship promotes outreach to all in general and outreach to men in particular.
  • Creating an environment for innovative ways to reach and develop the boy child.
  • Coordinating regional fellowships for strategic partnerships that aim to tackle issues of common interest in combating social evils. Creating a united voice and action.
  • Investing in empowerment sessions for Regional Men’s Fellowship Leaders.
  • Partnering and collaborating with other Church Denomination men’s bodies or organisations – making a difference in our communities in South Africa and beyond.


Since the inception of the National Men’s Fellowship (NMF), the following has been achieved:

  • The NMF has mobilized and created awareness in the AFM Church about the critical need for men’s ministry through the creation of regional structures.
  • Men are organising themselves, showing a hunger for their ministry throughout the country and taking action in their localities (For example: Qina Jita – an initiative by some of our men in Soweto to mobilize and mentor young men from 11 years old).
  • Men are taking responsibility for their own families, local churches and communities to make a difference for the Kingdom Agenda – in the midst of an increasing culture of corruption, poverty of leadership and lawlessness manifesting itself through crime and other social ills.
  • The establishment of the AFM Business Forum is but just the beginning of creating an alternative culture of men of integrity. Men taking responsibility for the betterment of their communities out of a conviction of their faith walk and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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