Covid-19 NLF Salary Relief Fund for AFM Pastors (17 April 2020)

For more information, as well as the Application Form, kindly download the following documents:

Presidential Circular: Covid-19 Salary Relief

COVID19 Relief Fund Application Form

The completed Application Form together with the required documents of proof, can be sent to the Regional Treasurer – who will review the application and submit it for approval by the Regional Chairperson. 

For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact your RLF (Regional Leadership Forum) in this regard.


Past. M.G. Mahlobo

(President of the AFM of SA)

Nomination Forms for the 2020 NOB Elections: Deadline 31 March before 16:00

Good Day Everybody,

We trust that you are well and coping with the lockdown.

Please be reminded that the deadline for the return of the nomination forms for the 2020 NOB elections is tomorrow 31 March 2020 before 16:00.

Completed and signed nomination forms must be e-mailed to

Assemblies and Regions who are not able to access e-mail due to the lock down, will be allowed to take a cellphone photo of the completed and signed form and forwarded it per WhattsApp to the President, Pastor MG Mahlobo on 083 229 8852 before 31 March 16:00.

Please forward this message to your constituency.

To access the Nomination Forms:

AFM Election 2020: Nomination Forms

Kind Regards

Henri Weideman
General Secretary

AFM Statement: Coronavirus & Implications of National Lockdown

Download the PDF version here:

The AFM of SA- Statement on Corona Virus 24 March 2020


On Monday 23 March 2020, one week after the corona virus pandemic was declared a national disaster, the State President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, announced further measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa.

Mr Ramaphosa reiterated that it is clear from the development of the disease in other countries and from our own modeling, that immediate swift and extraordinary action is required if we are to prevent a human catastrophe of enormous proportion in our country. The NOB agree with President Ramaphosa and applaud him for putting the people of South Africa first and before profit.

We thank all our Regions, Departments, Assemblies, Pastors, Leaders and Members for adapting their programs and behavior in accordance with the restrictions that have been placed on the country and for following the directive of the NLF as issued on 17 March 2020.

In order to delay and reduce the rise of infections, every person, including all members of the AFM, must adhere strictly and without exception to the regulations that have now been put in place by Government.

We must all adhere to the nationwide lockdown that will be enacted in terms of the Disaster Management Act – from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020, until midnight Thursday 16 April 2020.

AFM leaders and members must not be the channels of the Corona virus transmission, but they must be channels of HOPE.

During this time, ALL South Africans will have to stay at home. Individuals will not be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances, such as to seek medical care, buy food, medicine and other supplies or collect a social grant.

The only people exempted from this lockdown are: Health workers, emergency personnel, those in security services – such as the police, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers – and other persons necessary for our response to the pandemic.

Also exempted from the lockdown are those involved in the production, distribution and supply of food and basic goods, essential banking services, the maintenance of power, water and telecommunications services, laboratory services, and the provision of medical and hygiene products.

All shops and businesses will be closed, except for pharmacies, laboratories, banks, essential financial and payment services, supermarkets, petrol stations and health care providers. Companies that are essential to the production and transportation of food, basic goods and medical supplies, as well as those with continuous processes such as furnaces, and underground mining operations will remain open. Firms that can continue their operations remotely should do so.

Provision will be made for essential transport services to continue, including transport for essential staff and for patients who need to be managed elsewhere.

The implications of these new developments are as follows:


All AFM structures are instructed to comply with the lockdown instructions which imply that ALL meetings of whatever format, are suspended until further notice. This also means that NO GOOD FRIDAY AND ALL RELATED SERVICES WILL BE ALLOWED.

Please take note that the 100 people per meeting restriction has been replaced with a total restriction: No meetings are allowed.

We remind all our people of Jesus’s words in Matthew 18:20 (NIV) when He said: “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I with them.” For this time our primary gathering will be with the people in our own households.

We encourage our pastors and our structures to explore innovative possibilities for continuous communication with our members, including but not limited to: WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms, streaming of sermons and e-mail. We need to gather Spiritually and even electronically, even though we cannot be together physically.

We need to regularly communicate with one another to encourage and to share our Hope and Faith with each other (Hebrews 10:24-25).


2.1 All Liturgical services are suspended until further notice: This includes water baptism, the Lord’s communion, dedication of babies and weddings.

2.2 Prayer for the sick: Since no church gatherings are allowed, prayer for the
sick must be on a one on one basis without any physical contact, or remotely via phone.
2.3 Funerals: In the light of the lockdown, where our members are not able to give support to the bereaved families, pastors should respectfully requests families to consider deferring the burial of their loved ones until after the lockdown period has passed.


We want to remind everyone:
3.1 To regularly wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and clean cell phones and work surfaces with disinfectant.
3.2 People who are coughing and sneezing, should cover their mouth and nose with their elbow, a cloth, tissue or a mask.


4.1 Stay at home, and if you must go out to seek medical care, buy food, medicine and other supplies or collect a social grant, follow the procedures.
4.2 Work from home if possible.
4.3 Practice social distancing of 1.5 to 2 meters.
4.4 Handshaking, hugging and kissing should be replaced by waving, nodding or smiling.
4.5 Avoid touching your face.


5.1 We call on all our people to continue with a time of prayer in their homes and through chain prayers from 21 March to 3 May 2020.
5.2 In our prayers we should include those who are sick, as well as all medical practitioners and health workers, emergency personnel, the police, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers – and other persons who have to continue to work during this pandemic. People with chronic illnesses and other medical conditions that have compromised their immune system. Let us also include vulnerable and destitute people in our communities. Finally let us pray for wisdom and capacity for our Government in dealing with this challenge.


6.1 Kindly be reminded that ALL assembly gatherings, Children’s ministry classes, AFM Good Friday and Easter Conferences are cancelled.
6.2 The outstanding NOB Regional visits, Regional Leaders-, Regional Treasurers-, -Secretaries/ Administrators and Administration of Justice workshops, as well as M.I.L workshops, are suspended, pending further updates.
6.3 If the spread of Covid-19 is not contained by the end of April 2020, all National Departments’ Conferences will have to be rescheduled or cancelled.


7.1 We are keenly aware that the lockdown will have far reaching effects on the livelihood of most of our members and therefore call on Regions, Assemblies and members to share whatever they can with those who are in dire need.
7.2 Please continue to support your local congregation and its departments financially during this period.
7.3 We are reliably informed that social grants for the elderly and people living with disabilities, will be paid on 30-31 March 2020 and the other grants on the 1st of April 2020. We request our members to pass this information to their families and neighbours.
7.4 The NOB is considering other possible interventions.


8.1 WhatsApp: 060 012 3456
8.2 Phone: 0800 029 999
8.3 Global updates: &


The National Office Bearers will update the church from time to time on developments regarding this matter.

10. HOPE:

Whatever happens, we remain people of Hope. We have Hope and we have Faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. May the grace of God, the Love of Jesus and the communion of the Holy Spirit, rest, rule and abide with you -now and forevermore. -This too shall pass.

Yours in Christ
The AFM of SA National Office Bearers


We are facing the reality of the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. It is certainly unprecedented during the lifetime of most of us, and people are asking: “What should we do? How should we handle this? It is not a time to be reactionary, to panic or to create panic. It is also not a time to be in denial and to say nothing. It is a time to show leadership.

As we read the reports of the spread of this pandemic, as we see the pictures and hear people in different countries sharing their experiences, we all experience the human emotions brought about by times of crisis. We are all thinking of our health and that of our loved ones and our members. But we should not be the ones’ who react with fear or selfishness. We should lead our people in the spirit of compassion and sacrifice, remembering that the One we are following, sacrificed His life for us.

We need to acknowledge the fact that depending on how the situation develops, assemblies might have to make certain choices: Like for example to stop handshaking, kissing and hugging in church for a while. We might even have to choose whether or not to suspend some meetings. Whatever happens, we should not shy away from leading and we should be sure to point out that this too will pass. There is Hope and we have Faith in Jesus.

For us as believers this is a time to exercise faith. We are people with a perspective on life that says: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.“ (Ps.23:4 NIV). We proclaim that “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.” (2 Tim.1:7 NLT)

We are the people who believe that “in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8: 37-38 NIV)

People of faith pray and believe that God hears and answers. We should be praying for hope and healing for those who are suffering or overwhelmed with fear. We should pray for strength and guidance for all medical staff and political leaders. We should pray for wisdom, protection and healing.

The South African Council of Churches meeting on the Coronavirus outbreak has been brought forward to 19 March 2020. We will keep you posted on the outcome of this meeting.

It is a time to act with wisdom. World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines aimed at slowing the spread of infection. It focuses mainly on improved personal hygiene and promotes habits like washing our hands regularly, not to touch our faces, to clean cell phones and work surfaces with disinfectant. To practise social distancing where possible and to strengthen our immune systems.

We should also guide our people to exercise prudence and not to (over)react to everything that is posted on Social media and especially not to re-send it without first establishing that it is really from a reliable source.

May the grace of God, the Love of Jesus and the communion of the Holy Spirit, rest, rule and abide with you – now and forevermore.

Past. M.G. Mahlobo
(President of the AFM of SA)
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AFM Election 2020: Nomination Forms

Nomination Form Regional Comittees (For the NOB Elections)

Nomination Form for Assemblies (For the NOB Elections)

Each Assembly Governing Body is entitled to receive and complete one nomination form. This is the same with each Regional Committee. Completed forms must be sent to the Office of the President, through hand delivery, registered mail or through e-mail. The e-mail address to be used, in this regard is

The deadline date for the submission of these forms is Tuesday 31 March 2020 not later than 16h00. Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.

South African Council of Churches: Press Release (6 March 2020)

SACC Statement on the Coronavirus in South Africa

March 6, 2020

Media Release

Issued by the office of the SACC General Secretary, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana.

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) calls for calm, and for society not to panic over the current single confirmed case of the coronavirus (a.k.a COVID-19) in South Africa, that was announced yesterday by the Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize.

Although there has only been one person testing positive so far, we have to be realistic and accept that this being a global phenomenon, it may come to our shores in dribs and drabs. In the main, it has affected people that travel the world, therefore mainly the middle classes, who are more likely to contain it more readily because of their better access to health systems.

Our concern as churches is more about what will happen when it spreads to poor communities in the townships and rural areas, where water and sanitation remain a big problem. In these communities a cough and a fever is common place because of the fragility of life, and it may be late by the time people come to realise that they have the effects of coronavirus.

In this regard the SACC is convening an emergency consultation of leaders of churches on the 31 March 2020, to consider how best to use the wall-to-wall church infrastructure we have, for public education and liaison with the health system. The consultation meeting will also consider to what extent some of the worship practices may need to be reviewed in the light of the possible virus spread. For this we shall have the benefit of experts and officials from the Department of Health.

We appeal to society to approach this concern with calm and vigilance.

For resources and more info on #Coronavirus #COVID-19:
• Department of Health:
• National Institute for Communicable Diseases ‘Top tips for preventing the coronavirus’:


Media enquiries:
Ms Moagisi Sibanda
Director: Communications and Programmes,
South African Council of Churches
Tel: 082 295 1581 | Email:

About SACC

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is an ecumenical association of affiliated Christian Churches, and blocks of churches such as The Evangelical Alliance and the Council of African Independent Churches, with a mandate to lead common Christian action that works for moral witness in South Africa. SACC does not exist for the propagation and the advancement of its doctrinal position, but is the place where our diverse interpretations of our faith come together in action for social justice. It therefore seeks to achieve a visible, just socio-economic and ecological impact, enabled through engaged churches-in-community for a reconciled South Africa and our sub-continent.

VACANCY: Social Worker Position (4 December, 2019)

VACANCY: Social Worker Position

The Executive Welfare Council of the AFM of SA uMephi, provides care and protection for vulnerable and traumatised children in Child and Youth Care Centres. The organization presently has a vacancy in the Sedibeng area (Meyerton/ Vereeninging/ Vanderbijlpark).

Responsibilities will include:
– Therapy and behavior management for 30+ children in Child & Youth Care Centres.
– Support to Child & Youth Care Workers.
– Participate in local and district CYCC Forums and be part of CYCC Committees and Social Work Management Team.

EWC Advert for Social Worker Post 4.12.2019

Please forward CV’s to:
Lize Swart:
Tel: 012 753 7940
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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