AFM Theological Training: Information (May 2021)


Application Forms:

Kindly download the required forms:

Seminary Application to Study for 2021 & 2022

ODL BTh BDiv Hons BA and BTh Hons Fees 2021



OPTION 1: 3-Year Degree in Theology (BTH):

To study towards becoming an AFM Pastor, an applicant must have a matric certificate to study a 3-year degree in Theology (BTH) at North-West University (Potchefstroom). It is a distance learning BTH whereby classes are attended one Saturday per month at one of the following campuses: Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town or Mthatha.

Find attached the AFM NWU Seminary Application Form for the candidate who wants to study towards the 3-Year Degree in Theology (BTH). Please follow the steps:

Step 1:

Print the AFM Seminary Application Form.

Step 2:

Take the AFM Seminary Application Form to the Assembly Pastor and attend an interview with the members of the Assembly Governing Body.

Step 3:

The Assembly Governing Body will complete their relevant section on the applicant’s AFM Seminary Application Form. The Assembly Governing Body will then make an appointment for the applicant to attend an interview at his/her respective AFM Region.

Step 4:

After the interview, the Region will complete their relevant section on the applicant’s AFM Seminary Application Form and send the form to one of the following campuses:

  • Cape Town & Eastern Cape

Send an E-mail to Carol:


  • Durban (KZN)

Send an E-mail to Pastor Ashley Governder:


  • Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State, North-West & Northern Cape:

Send an E-mail to Sophia Masipa:


Send an E-mail to Angelique:


Step 5:

With the Regional Committee’s approval, the applicant may now complete the Online NWU Application Form and follow the attached Theology Online Guide.

Step 6:

Please use the following link:

Online applications for the 2nd Semester 2021 will be open from the 1st of April 2021 until the 31st of May 2021.

NWU will draw a weekly list of all new applicants, check that the documents are uploaded and notify the applicant. Thereafter the application will be sent to the Evaluation Department and the outcome will be e-mailed to both Mrs Sophia Masipa and the applicant.

Very Important:

The applicant should choose one of the following as Study Centre (this will serve as a form of identification that the applicant is an AFM member):
1. AFM Tshwane
2. AFM Durban
3. AFM Cape Town
4. AFM Mthatha

OPTION 2: The BA Hons (Honours) Degree:

This applicant is usually an ordained AFM Pastor. Applicants only complete the NWU Open Distance Learning Application Form and attach the following copies of certified documents with their application:

  • ID or Passport.
  • Study Permit (if Foreign National).
  • Marriage Certificate (if Married).
  • Copy of Theological Degree Certificate, and
  • Academic Records.

Let Us Help you with your NWU Application:

We are available to assist or do online applications on behalf of candidates wanting to register at NWU. If you need assistance, please send an e-mail request to:

  • Cape Town & Eastern Cape Applications

Send an E-mail to Carol:


  • Gauteng & the rest of the Provinces Applications

Send an E-mail to Sophia Masipa:


For More Information:

Kindly Contact:

Mrs. Sophia Masipa

TEL                        +27 12 644 0490

FAX                       +27 12 644 0732


Important Notice:

We are aware of a growing number of false training institutions claiming to be awarding a variety of degrees. We strongly advise our members and Pastors not to obtain qualifications from these Institutions, as they are not recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), or the AFM of SA.

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