AFM Statement on Covid-19 Corruption

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Media Statement on Covid-19 Corruption 12 August 2020.doc


The National Office Bearers of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM of SA) noted with deep disappointment and concern the continuous revelations of corruption in our beloved country.  These unscrupulous acts undermine confidence in the commitment to clean government and is destroying the values of public service, integrity and accountability.

This behaviour goes against the grain of everything the struggle for freedom and liberation represented. These behavioural patterns cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

Whilst we welcome the promise of investigations, we are concerned that interventions of this nature take too long and too often conclude without any consequences to those guilty of criminal activities, unethical and immoral behaviour. We call on our State President to ensure that the necessary decisive action is sped up, the perpetrators brought to book and the money paid back.

We are also calling on our 1,4 million members to ensure that in whatever transactions they partake in business and in their everyday lives, they do so with integrity and free from any form of corruption. We endorse the statement of the SACC against corruption and encourage our members to participate in the mass action being planned.

On behalf of the National Office Bearers.

Dr. HJ Weideman                                                    

(General Secretary of the AFM of SA)

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