AFM Newsflash: Friday, 20 November 2020

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1. GBM Online Registration Form

2. AFM Welfare Weekend: Download Resources

3. AFM Alert Level 1 Lockdown Regulations

4. AFM Alert Level 1 Funeral Guidelines

AFM Fellow-Colleague,


Due to current lockdown restrictions, it was not possible for the 2020 Annual Conference (AC) and the General Business Meeting (GBM) to be convened on 6-9 September 2020. The NLF (National Leadership Forum) resolved that, depending on the lockdown restrictions pertaining to gatherings, the 2020 AC and GBM be re-scheduled. Specific dates cannot be confirmed at this stage but will be communicated as soon as possible. Delegates are however welcome to register.

To register, click on the link below and complete the online registration form:

The venue remains the AFM Word and Life Church in Boksburg.

The GBM has also been loaded as an EVENT under the EVENTS-section of the AFM Website for future reference (listed as the 2nd event on the page):


In last week’s Newsflash we made a call on all AFM Assemblies to participate in the AFM Welfare Weekend ( The Welfare Weekend provides an opportunity for the AFM Church to collectively engage in welfare actions that will touch and improve the lives of people across all local communities. Our theme for the 2020 AFM Welfare Weekend is:

Get Involved and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable persons.

I want to encourage you to download the following resources:

  • Focus Areas for preaching a welfare-focussed sermon.
  • A PowerPoint Presentation to equip your leaders and members on how to practically implement Community Involvement (as a driver of the One AFM Game Plan).
  • A List of all AFM Welfare Institutions across provinces.
  • An Electronic Booklet for AFM Members (for an introduction to AFM Welfare).

These resources are available from the link below:

I am also including two video messages for your attention. Past. Barend Petersen (Chairperson of AFM Welfare) reminds us of Community Involvement and our role as church, while Ashley Theron (Acting CEO of AFM Welfare) shares practical ideas on how AFM Assemblies can make the most of their AFM Welfare Weekends.

Past. Barend Petersen (Be a BLESSING in your Community!)

Ashley Theron (Make the most of your AFM Welfare Weekend!)

May your Assembly have a meaningful and significant AFM Welfare Weekend!


MG Mahlobo

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