There are many noble values that are applicable in the lives of decent people and very much so in the lives of Christians. However, in the context of the AFM, the following values gained pre-eminence:


We understand integrity as being genuine, honest and sincere. This quality – as with our other values, should be spontaneously associated with AFM members, pastors and churches.


Coming from a racially divided past, and whilst celebrating our God-given diversity, we appreciate our unity as a God-given treasure. We encourage genuine and edifying relationships between believers, pastors and assemblies. We also encourage spiritual father-son and mentor-mentee relations.


In a society where individualism is prominent, we believe that accountability is non-negotiable in the church. History teaches us that those who avoid accountability follow a path of eventual self-destruction. We expect accountability on all levels of leadership.


In spite of our diversity and different levels of development and affluence, we encourage excellence in all church activities. Poverty is no excuse. Because we are living and working for the Almighty God who is also the God of excellence, mediocrity should be avoided at all cost.