Principles of Ministry

Principles of Ministry

  1. Freedom of Religion:

    The Ministry of a Chaplain includes the principle of freedom of religion as embodied in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

  2. Religious Equitability:

    Religious observance shall be equitable, free, and voluntary.

  3. Proselytization:

    No deliberate intent and/or program of coercion may be introduced to win a person to one’s own religious affiliation. This does not prevent the freedom of expression and the freewill right of an individual to change his/her religious affiliation.

  4. Interdenominational:

    Chaplain works interdenominationally without neglecting the care for the members of his/her own religious affiliation.

  5. Respect for diversity:

    A Chaplain shall respect diversity in religion, creed, culture and colour.