Responsibilities of the Liaison Chaplain Officers

Responsibilities of the Liaison Chaplain Officers

  1. Reports:

    Compile and submit reports to the CC on the chaplains under their jurisdiction. Such reports
    must contain the following information:

      1. Full Names and Surnames.
      2. Deployment stations.
      3. Involvement in the congregations of the AFM.
      4. The Pastors Continuous Development (PCD) credit status of chaplains.
      5. Any promotions or awards bestowed on them.

  2. Meetings:

      1. To attend all CC and GBM meetings.
      2. To facilitate the attendance of the church’s special events, by chaplains e.g. National
        and Regional Empowerment events and Conferences, the General Business Meetings,

  3. Advice:

    To render advice to the CC on matters regarding the welfare of chaplains.

  4. Liaise:

    To continuously cooperate with the General Secretary of the AFM on the pastoral status of chaplains, as well as vacancies and possible appointment of chaplains.

  5. Information:

      1. To ensure that information relevant to pastors of the AFM is also disseminated to all the chaplains.
      2. To regularly update the communication database of the chaplains under their jurisdiction.

  6. Liaise with the Office of the Chaplain General:

    To liaise on behalf of the NLF with the Office of the Head of Spiritual Services/Chaplain General about:
      1. New appointments.
      2. Church issues.

  7. The Liaison Chaplain will also represent the office of the heads of the Spiritual Services/Chaplain General to the leadership of the AFM on the following issues:

      1. Establishment/update of Church/State agreements.
      2. Appointment of chaplains.
      3. Notification of movement of chaplains.
      4. End/expiring of contracts of chaplains.
      5. Disciplinary problems pertaining to chaplains.
      6. Clarification about policy-making issues.