Profile of a Chaplain

Profile of a Chaplain

  1. Introduction:

    A Chaplain in the three security services has many roles to play to different stakeholders, all
    endeavouring to impact positively on the life of their clients. Chaplains have a unique role to
    play in providing pastoral care and related services to their clients. To this end therefore, the
    AFM Chaplains are ordained pastors of the church.

  2. The Chaplain as religious program manager:

    A Chaplain acts as a religious program manager in ensuring that the client is afforded
    opportunity to practice his/her religion according to the prescripts of his/her own church/faith. This requires extensive knowledge of the standards and practices of the diverse range of faiths and denominations as well as a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures that govern the respective security services.

  3. The Chaplain as a servant:

    A Chaplain must embrace the Biblical principle of Servanthood and serve his/her clients with leadership, advice, and guidance as required by the specific circumstances.

  4. The Chaplain as pastoral care giver:

    A Chaplain shall render pastoral services upon request to his/her clients on an individual basis, without prejudice.

  5. The Chaplain as a mediator & reconciler:

    A Chaplain is also a peacemaker who when conflict arises must be willing and able to work towards bringing disputing parties together and settle contestation.