Special Invitation: 2020 NOB Empowerment Visits

2020 NOB Empowerment Visits

We hereby invite all AFM Pastors, Governing Body Members, Leaders and National Youth to the 2020 NOB Empowerment Visits. The intention of the Empowerment Visits is to inform, equip, train and engage in dialogue on matters of strategic importance to the church. I want to strongly encourage you to attend the empowerment session in your Province.

The theme for the visits is:

Actions with Impact
Leading in a missional church

We are looking forward to engaging with the church on the following topics:

  1. The Impact of the Ministry on Pastor’s Children.
  2. The Nomination Process and Dates for the 2020 National Office Bearers Elections.
    A document is already available on this matter. Kindly download from:
  3. Women in Leadership.
  4. The Role and Function of the Pastor within a Missional Church.
  5. Being Church in the Public Domain.
  6. Community Involvement: Practical Implementation (Presented by the AFM Welfare)

The programme for the Friday and Saturday can be downloaded from the link below:

2020 NOB Programme

The National Office Bearers will be visiting all Provinces on the following dates:
7-8 February Cape Town AGS Goodwood
7-8 February Free State AFM Jubilate
21-22 February Kwazulu-Natal Amanzimtoti
6-7 March Limpopo Ha-Dumasi Conference Centre
6-7 March Mpumalanga Lighuis Middelburg
17-18 April Gauteng Herlwingsentrum (Wonderboom)
17-18 April North-West AFM Oase (Klerksdorp)
8-9 May Eastern-Cape Gees en Lewe (East London)
8-9 May Northern-Cape AFM Rehobot Upington

Special Update: Friday, 15 November

Special Update: From the 60th National Leadership Forum

Friday, 15 November

Dear Colleagues,

The 60th National Leadership Forum (NLF) since unity, was held during this past week from 11-14 November 2019 in Gauteng. In this special update we share three important matters.


During this meeting amendments to the Rules of Order regarding the process for election of the National Office Bearers from 2020, were promulgated. More information on this process, including the dates for 2020, were made available to Regional Leaders and will also be discussed during the NOB’s Regional Empowerment visits during the first few months of 2020.

Election of National Office Bearers


The meeting also took note of the results of the Pastoral Wellness Survey conducted among our pastors during this year. You can access the results of the survey at the link below and take note of the interesting statistics and important information relating to the ministry, physical, financial and personal life of Pastors and assemblies. Please take note of the key take-outs that can possibly improve Pastoral Wellness.



Please make a note of the dates of the 2020 NOB Empowerment visit in your Region as per the national AFM Calendar and ensure that you do attend it, as it will cover a few subjects of importance to the church, such as:
1. The role and function of a pastor within a Missional church context.
2. Women in leadership.
3. The impact of the ministry on the children of pastors.
4. Being church in the Public Domain, and
5. The Nomination process and dates for the 2020 National Office Bearers Elections.

MG Mahlobo

Spesiale Opdatering: Vrydag, 15 November

Spesiale Opdatering: Vanaf die 60ste Nasionale Leierskaps Forum

Vrydag, 15 November

Geagte Kollegas,

Die 60ste Nasionale Leierskaps Forum (NLF) sedert die kerk se eenheid, is die afgelope week vanaf 11 tot 14 November 2019 in Gauteng gehou. In hierdie spesiale nuusflits deel ons drie belangrike sake.


Tydens hierdie vergadering is wysigings aan die Reëls van Orde rakende die verkiesing van die Nasionale Ampsdraers vanaf 2020, afgekondig. Meer inligting oor die proses, insluitend die datums vir 2020, is aan Streekleiers beskikbaar gestel en sal ook tydens die NOB se Bemagtigingsbesoeke aan die streke gedurende die eerste paar maande van 2020 bespreek word.

Election of National Office Bearers


Die vergadering het ook kennis geneem van die resultate van die Pastorale Welstand-opname wat gedurende hierdie jaar onder ons pastore gedoen is. Jy kan op die onderstaande skakel toegang tot die resultate van die opname verkry. Die verslag deel interessante statistieke en belangrike inligting rakende die bediening, fisieke, finansiële en persoonlike lewe van ons pastore en gemeentes. Neem kennis van die belangrikste fokus areas wat Pastorale Welstand moontlik kan verbeter.



Let op die datum van die 2020 NOB-bemagtigingsbesoek in jou streek (soos aangedui op die nasionale AGS-kalender). Maak seker dat jy dit bywoon, aangesien dit ‘n hele paar onderwerpe van belang vir die kerk sal dek, soos:
1. Die rol en funksie van ‘n Pastoor binne ‘n Missionale kerk.
2. Vroue in leierskap.
3. Die impak van die bediening op die kinders van pastore.
4. Kerk te wees in die markplein.
5. Die nominasieproses en datums vir die verkiesing van die Nasionale Ampsdraers in 2020.

MG Mahlobo

Executive Welfare Council of the AFM of SA: Housemother Vacancies (Urgent!)

2 VACANCIES (URGENT): Housemother Positions
[CV’s will be accepted until end of business day 15 Nov 2019]
The Executive Welfare Council of the AFM of SA Umephi, provides care and protection for vulnerable and traumatised children in Child and Youth Care Centres.
The organization presently have vacancies in two of the houses located in Tshwane. The suitable candidate should have a passion for and experience in working with children. The position involves providing full-time care for up to 12 children, between the ages 0-18 years old, including children with special needs.
Please forward CV’s to:
Mandy Manuel: [email protected]
Tel: 012 753 7940
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Download the PDF version here:


The AFM of SA like many churches and religious groups was approached by the Family Policy Foundation to take a stand against the proposed inclusion of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) as part of the Life Orientation curriculum for the 2020 school year.

The AFM leadership wrote to the Minister of Basic Education on 2 August 2019, seeking confirmation and clarity on this matter. The Minister’s Office acknowledged receipt of the AFM’s correspondence. Unfortunately, the Minister did not come back to us.

Some of the national Newspapers this past Sunday, carried articles to the effect that the final decision to include CSE in the 2020 school year curriculum has been taken. Apparently, the Newspapers received this information through a leaked document. According to the leaked document the introduction of CSE seeks to expose children at an early age (e.g. Grade 4 learners) to sex education, which is something unacceptable at such a tender age.

The themes that are addressed in this document amongst others are masturbation, vaginal, oral and anal sex, sexual orientation, trans genderism and illustrations about the use of female condoms. It, further purports to teach children about biological and gender identity. It is alleged that it includes group discussions by learners in which learners will discuss their private parts and be taught to say no in a context where the other learner will insist on having sex. In this context it is thought that the learner who says “no” will be encouraged to remain in a positive relationship with the persistent partner.

The serious concerns of the AFM of SA centers around the following issues:

• The insensitive way in which this document deals with the sensitive issues of sexuality is un-African. The interlocuters of this Government are not the people who elected them into power, but the international world and organizations it wants to please. It fails to appreciate the fact that it has been elected by the South African citizens but behaves as if it has been put into power by Western Countries and the United Nations. When it suits its political agenda, it proclaims its allegiance to African identity but when it comes to matters of sexual ethics it disregards African cultural practices and ethos.

• It is the AFM’s leadership view that this subject, unlike other academic subjects, such as languages, mathematics and science, contains value issues that require parents’ inputs and is therefore within the domain of and prerogatives of parents.

• In the absence of a response from the Department of Basic Education, we are not sure if School Governing Bodies were consulted on this issue. If our assertion in this regard is correct, this would be a serious omission on the part of the Basic Education Department. School Governing Bodies are one of the critical platforms through which parents would have expressed their views on this matter.

• In the absence of the response from the Department of Basic Education we are also not certain if all organizations representing Educators (Teachers) were consulted and allowed to make their inputs.

• If the above structures were not consulted and allowed to give their inputs, the question that begs an answer is “Why not?” “Kungani?” “Hoekom?” “Ndi ngani?” “Hi mhakamuni?” “Hobaneng?”

Our view is that parents have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and education of their children, including their sexual education.

We reject the unilateral action of the Department of Basic Education and as such we would like to register our objection to their proposed plan.

As your leaders we will appreciate your further input in this regard.

Release Date: 1 November 2019

Past. M.G. Mahlobo (President of the AFM of SA)


Download the PDF version here:


At one of its recent meetings the leadership of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM) became aware of the art exhibition by one of the Matric students at Grantleigh Curro School in Richardsbay which has drawn strong emotions from Christian leaders.

The AFM leadership immediately sought clarity on this matter from the Headmaster of the school in their letter dated 22 October 2019. This was an attempt from the AFM leadership to first try and gain information from reliable sources so that we can respond in a balanced and informed way.    Unfortunately, the Headmaster did not respond or have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of our letter.

The response from the CEO (Curro Holdings) on social media, dated 23 October 2019 to parents and guardians has been noted. The apology and acknowledgement by the CEO, that the duty of care and guidance offered to the learner did not always adequately address the underlying issues and potential implications of producing such visual art, are welcomed. However, the tone of the letter falls short of the school taking full responsibility for their failure to guide the learner. It is not only their ‘dereliction of duty’ that is a serious concern for us, but it is the fact that this piece of art has seriously compromised one of their mission statement goals, namely “To uphold Christian values and encourage principled, caring and responsible behaviour at all times.” Our displeasure is therefore with the school, and not the learner.

The kind of justification of the art, posted on social media and purportedly, coming from the student is not acceptable to us. We know for sure, that this interpretation would not have been accepted as sufficient, if it involved one of the other religions with which we share space in South Africa.

Although we respect the role of art to ask difficult questions and challenge culture and religion, our view is that the way in which this exhibition was allowed to be presented is insensitive, disrespectful and derogatory to the Christian faith. As one of the Christian Churches in South Africa we will not keep quiet when the image of Jesus, who is our Lord and Saviour is presented in a compromising and demeaning manner.  We are appalled by the way pages of the Bible were torn apart and used in some of the artworks in question.

The Headmaster should be held accountable for his failure to anticipate the negative impact that this controversial artwork that was displayed in the foyer of the school, would elicit and to give relevant leadership and guidance to the teachers and learners involved.

It is problematic for us when schools don’t live up to their mission statements. We will encourage our members to carefully assess the alignment between their own values and the values that this school and other Curro schools are really subscribing to and practice.

Date of Release: 1 November 2019

Past. M.G. Mahlobo

(President of the AFM of SA)

Newsflash: Friday, 18 October

Download the PDF version here:


Dear Colleagues,

I trust you are well! Kindly take note of two important strategic issues that are relevant to all AFM registered assemblies.


Please note that the Assembly Census forms must be completed and send back to the Regional Secretaries/Administrators by 30 November 2019. The Regional Secretaries/Administrators will then compile the information and forward it to the AFM Head Office by 31 January 2020.

Why do we need to complete the census forms?

  • Firstly, for internal use. As a church with a national footprint we need to know for our own future planning and strategic alignment how many assemblies, ordained pastors, assembly leaders, etc. we have. It is also important for us to know how many members we have and how their numbers are made up age wise. This will enable us to plan for future ministry development and growth.
  • Secondly, for external use. We are regularly involved in discussions with other churches, organizations and government structures where specific statistics and information determine our participation and input.
Please enquire with your Regional Secretary or Administrator for support.


As a church, we have established a tradition over the last couple of years to especially focus on appreciating our pastors/ assembly leaders, their spouses and children during the month of October.

“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” Hebrews 13:7(ESV)

Please note that a circular was sent to Governing Bodies of all AFM Assemblies and Departments with regards to this matter.

The circular can be downloaded from the link below:

Past. M.G. Mahlobo

Nuusflits: Vrydag, 18 Oktober

Laai die PDF weergawe hier af:


Liewe Kollegas,

Ek vertrou dat dit goed gaan met jou! Neem asseblief kennis van twee belangrike strategiese kwessies wat vir alle AGS-geregistreerde gemeentes relevant is.
Neem asseblief kennis dat die gemeente-sensus vorms voltooi moet word en terug gestuur moet word aan die plaaslike streekssekretarisse/administrateurs teen 30 November 2019. Die streeksekretarisse/administrateurs sal dan die inligting saamstel en dit aan die AGS hoofkantoor stuur teen 31 Januarie 2020.
Hoekom moet ons die sensus vorms voltooi?

  • Eerstens vir interne gebruik. As ‘n kerk met ‘n nasionale impak moet ons vir ons eie toekomstige beplanning en strategiese belyning weet hoeveel gemeentes, pastore, gemeenteleiers, ens. ons het.  Dit is ook belangrik vir ons om te weet hoeveel lidmate ons het en hulle getalle vas te stel volgens ouderdom. Dit stel ons in staat om vir toekomstige bedieningsontwikkeling en groei te beplan.
  • Tweedens vir eksterne gebruik. Ons is gereeld betrokke by gesprekke met ander kerke, organisasies en die regering waar spesifieke statistieke en inligting ons deelname en insette bepaal.

Doen asseblief navraag by jou Streeksekretaris of administrateur vir ondersteuning.


As ‘n kerk, het ons ‘n tradisie gevestig oor die laaste paar jaar om veral te fokus op die waardering van ons pastore/gemeenteleiers, hul gades en kinders gedurende die maand van Oktober. “7Dink aan julle voorgangers wat die woord van God aan julle verkondig het. Let op hulle lewenswandel tot die einde toe, en volg die voorbeeld van geloof wat hulle gestel het.” – HEBREËRS 13:7 (AFR83)
Neem asseblief kennis dat ‘n omsendbrief gestuur is aan die kerkrade van alle AGS gemeentes en departemente met betrekking tot hierdie saak.

Die omsendbrief kan by die onderstaande skakel afgelaai word:

Past. M.G. Mahlobo